Moretime, fewer risks, lower costs – that’s what Conmax is all about
Would you like to optimise your processes concerning absences? Then build on our decades of experience in the fields of insurance and software. Be inspired by our digital solution.

That’s what Conmax stands for

Conmax takes processes involving absence management and preventive measures to a new level. All parts of the system are meant to be optimally “connected” with each other – “con”. We are what bind people and digitalisation together. And not just somehow, but “maximally” – “max”. Together with you, we will get the maximum out of absence management.

Your advantages with Conmax

Conmax uses digitalisation and transforms the processes involving absences in a forward-looking way. Our solution is modular and flexible and can therefore also be used in your company. This is how you benefit: Conmax reduces administrative efforts, optimises risks and lowers costs. The entire process is free of media discontinuity, fully digitalised and focuses on the most important aspect: people.

Adaptable system

Conmax is built around a basic system, the Conmax Base System. You can easily integrate it into your own system environment or use it as a separate service. Alloffices and partners involved are connected to the Conmax system. HR processes related to absence management are handled automatically. This simplifies the process of reporting absences for employees and reduces the workload for HR. Our solution is transparent, simple, efficient and compliant with data protection regulations.

Individual implementation

It is important to us that Conmax meets your requirements. Our services and processes – Conmax Skill – are individually tailored to your company. Another advantage: Conmax provides you with individual evaluations concerning the topic of absences. This makes it easy to create analyses and lays the foundation for sound decision-making. But Conmax Skill is so much more. The training of managers in day-to-day work also forms part of a functioning system. Our management training courses create the basis for a smooth process flow and for difficult meetings and return-to-work interviews, for example.

Focus on prevention

At Conmax, people are our main concern. The holistic system involves all the key players such as management, supervisors, employees and the company’s health management. With Conmax Care, you can define early indicators for absences and recognise potential claims at an early stage. Timely and preventive action not only has a positive effect on absence rates and absence costs, it also has a positive influence on employer branding and employee motivation. These all playa crucial role in determining the success of your company.

Lower risk

Conmax’s preventive approach allows you to actively influence absenteeism. The aim is to reduce absence costs in the long term. With Conmax Risk, we make it possible for you to cooperate with insurance companies. We explore classic and alternative insurance solutions and tailor various cost models to your needs, which enables you to optimise costs. However, the system is also suitable for automated processing without insurance.

Qualified consultant

Accredited consultant of Health Promotion Switzerland

Conmax consists of an interdisciplinary team of business scientists, insurance experts, HR specialists and prevention experts. In our role as consultant in the area of workplace health management, we are accredited by Health PromotionSwitzerland. This means that we can also advise on the Friendly Work Space JobStress Analysis offer and help you to reduce stress factors in a targeted manner and strengthen resources.


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